Editing Your Email Signature

It's important for your customers to know they are corresponding with a real live human being. You can use the Email Signature to sign off every email with a personal touch to who you are.

You can customize your email signature in the Mailboxes section of your Settings Menu.

In Mailboxes, you can find where to edit the Email Signature right under the option to choose whether you want to respond from the Agent Name or the Mailbox Name.

We use variables to pick up the name of the responding Agent, their title, and the Agent's company email address. Click Insert Variable and you'll see the entire list of variables we offer to include in your signature. You can find where to edit that variable information in our Knowledge Base Article: How to Edit Variable Information.

You can add basic formatting, images, and links by using the buttons at the top of the signature editor.

If you'd like to customize your email signature using HTML, click the Source button in the rich text editor.

Please note that your signature will not appear underneath your replies in Groove, but it will show up in the email received by the customer.