Getting to Know Groove Reports

Groove reports help track everything that happens in Groove from agent performance to ticketing trends.

You can find the in depth metrics from Groove reports under the Reports tab in the top menu bar.

Ticketing Analytic breakdowns start with the timeline at the top of the Dashboard, featuring the number of Customers Served in the selected time frame alongside the number of Replies Sent.

The arrows and percentages up or down next to the customer and reply counts show your accounts performance based on the last similar time frame. Move your mouse along the timeline to view daily breakdowns of customer counts for that time period.

Below the timeline, you’ll see 8 important metrics for monitoring your team's performance. The first row is devoted to the time it takes to help your customers.

Average Reply Time is the average time all tickets spend in Open or Pending before submitting a response

Average First Reply Time measures the amount of time it takes to reply to new tickets.

Average Handle Time is the total life of a ticket from open to final close. If a closed ticket reopens, the clock on that ticket starts again.

Average Replies counts the average number of replies sent to all tickets.

The reporting metrics take in account total average time a customer waits for a reply or resolution, and does not filter through business hours.

The bottom four metrics display how well your customers perceive the support they receive with breakdowns of Customer Satisfaction Ratings. These only appear when you have the Customer Satisfaction Ratings App installed. 

You can click on each individual Reply Time or Customer Satisfaction metric to reveal breakdowns of the results per agent.

Top Labels and Canned Replies track quantify which labels and canned replies you use most and least frequently to help you to keep an eye on ticketing trends and common problems.

Reports filter through seven different time frames: Yesterday, Last Seven Days, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, and the Past Year. You can edit the timeframe in the top, left corner in the dropdown menu.

View analytics for your entire Groove account by selecting All Tickets in the left side bar, or break down reports per Mailbox you have in Groove by clicking on the Mailbox Name underneath the Tickets Analytics

To view metrics for the Knowledge Base, select Knowledge Base Analytics under the ticketing options in the left side bar.