General Billing Overview

Here's where you can find some frequently asked questions about general billing information for Groove. 

What does Groove cost? 

Pricing for Groove is $22 dollars per user, per month. 

Can I add or remove Users at any time?

You can add or remove Users from your account any time you want. You do so in the Users section of the Settings Menu. If you make changes before your next payment date, your monthly total will update accordingly. We charge accounts once a month. 

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept any major credit card. We do not accept paypal or checks, sorry! You also can't pay with cash...but if you'd like to send us cash for the fun of it, we'll gladly take it! 

How do I update my credit card information? 

Only the account owner can update payment info. The owner can do this from the Billing section in Settings