Creating a New Ticket

Need to send a new message from Groove? No worries! Just create a new ticket. Select New Ticket in the left side-bar to create the message. If you offer phone support, you can also use New Tickets to log information from a phone call between a customer to for additional reference.

You have two options for what Type of New Ticket you’d like to create:

Email: All new tickets are set to email the customer. Your message will be sent to the customer’s inbox.

Phone Call: Messages are logged as internal conversations only. You can use this option to log a phone call in Groove. The customer will not receive an email notification, and the editor box change color to indicate you’re adding a note.

Fill in the customer details, write your message and update the fields then click Submit to Close to create the ticket. 

If you're creating the New Ticket to log information from a customer phone call, check the Phone option, and you'll also see the option to add the Company Name and Phone Number to your new ticket. The New Ticket box UI will also turn yellow to denote the ticket as an internal note, and not a message the customer will receive.