Creating a New Label

New problems, ideas, and situations surface every day. Labels are a great way to keep those requests organized.

You can create new labels in two easy ways.

The first way to create a label is right within the ticket itself. When you're typing a new label, you'll see a list of your existing labels auto-populate as suggestions.  

To add a new label, just finish typing the label you'd like to add and press Enter (Return).

You can also add labels in bulk from the tickets list view by checking the tickets you want to label and then clicking on the label icon that appears at the top of the ticket list. 

Type out the label in the blank text field. Just like adding a label in the ticket box, you'll see suggestions of existing labels in a dropdown menu. To add a new label, just finish typing your label and press Enter (Return). 

You can see all of your new labels in the Labels section of the Settings Menu.

You can add as many labels as you’d like. Whatever it takes to keep your customer's requests easy to locate!