Adding Internal Notes to Tickets

Whether you need to ask your teammate a question, or leave yourself some information for later, notes are a handy feature that allow you to attach internal comments to your tickets. 

Just click Add Note when you're reply to a ticket to change the reply box to a note. 

Then type out your note and click the Post As button to post your note to the ticket. 

Then you'll see your notes inserted chronologically within the ticket thread. 


Mentioning Your Teammates

If you need to loop another teammate in on the conversation, or want someone to see a particular note without having the ticket assigned to them, you can @mention your fellow Groove agents. 

@mention notifications are sent via email – and Slack, if you have our Slack integration enabled – and are the easiest way to let your teammates know that you’ve posted a note that they need to see.

Email notifications for mentions are enabled for your account by default. There is currently no setting for this notification and it's not possible to disable them.