Welcome to Groove!

Chances are you're here because you need a new shared inbox for managing your emails. Well you've come to the right place. :)

There are two pieces you need to set up in order to get your emails coming into your Groove account. 

1. Setting Up Your Mailbox

First things first, you'll need to set up your Groove mailbox. Your mailbox is the central piece for your shared inbox -- it's how you both receive and send messages -- and it's required if you want to get emails coming into your inbox.

To set up your mailbox you'll need to go into Settings > Conversations > Mailboxes.

On the mailbox settings page, you'll see two fields where you must enter the name for your mailbox and an email address that you already manage.

After saving your mailbox (if you are not directly connecting to a Google Apps email via OAuth) you will be given an @inbox.groovehq.com forwarding address and this is what you will need to use in your email account settings to auto-forward your emails into Groove. 

2. Setting Up Your Forwarding

Groove supports email forwarding from all sorts of different mail providers and they're all pretty simple to set up. Look for your email client below and click through for a guide on how to set up your forwarding:

Once your mailbox and email forwarding are set up, your emails will start showing up in your Groove inbox, and you're ready to rock 'n roll. ?